Artificial Intelligence

Mushroom pickers urged to avoid foraging books on Amazon that appear to be written by AI ( en

Leon Frey, a foraging guide and field mycologist at Cornwall-based Family Foraging Kitchen, which organises foraging field trips, said the samples he had seen contained serious flaws such as referring to “smell and taste” as an identifying feature. “This seems to encourage tasting as a method of identification. This should...

Sztuczna inteligencja tworzy plany posiłków. W menu tosty z terpentyną (

Aplikacja nowozelandzkiej sieci supermarketów miała pomagać klientom tworzyć plany posiłków. Gdy konsumenci zaczęli z nią eksperymentować, okazało się, że sztuczna inteligencja podsuwa im przepisy na "trujące kanapki", pieczone ziemniaki ze sprayem na komary i napój na bazie chloru. Sprawę opisuje portal dziennika...

OpenAI Quietly Shuts Down Its AI Detection Tool - Decrypt ( en

OpenAI announced the launch of its AI Classifier claiming it could distinguish between text written by a human and an AI. Even then, however, OpenAI called the classifier "not fully reliable," adding that the evaluations on a “challenge set” of English texts correctly identified 26% of AI-written text as “likely...

Eating Disorder Helpline Disables Chatbot for 'Harmful' Responses After Firing Human Staff ( en

On Monday, an activist named Sharon Maxwell posted on Instagram, sharing a review of her experience with Tessa. She said that Tessa encouraged intentional weight loss, recommending that Maxwell lose 1-2 pounds per week. Tessa also told her to count her calories, work towards a 500-1000 calorie deficit per day, measure and weigh...

Here’s What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT ( en

When Avianca asked a Manhattan federal judge to toss out the case, Mr. Mata’s lawyers vehemently objected, submitting a 10-page brief that cited more than half a dozen relevant court decisions. There was Martinez v. Delta Air Lines, Zicherman v. Korean Air Lines and, of course, Varghese v. China Southern Airlines, with its...

“Alexa Will Not Replace Us” ( en

A good mantra is that fears about technology are almost always fears about capitalism. This is no exception. It isn't “AI” that has worked to eliminate writers' rooms and it isn't “streaming” that's shifted the revenue shared with writers and other artists to pennies on the dollar. It's companies that have done that,...

OpenAI says it could ‘cease operating’ in the EU if it can’t comply with future regulation ( en

In addition to the possible business threat, forcing OpenAI to identify its use of copyrighted data would expose the company to potential lawsuits. Generative AI systems like ChatGPT and DALL-E are trained using large amounts of data scraped from the web, much of it copyright protected. When companies disclose these data sources...

Google's AI bots tout 'Benefits' of genocide, slavery, fascism, other evils ( en

If you asked a spokesperson from any Fortune 500 Company to list the benefits of genocide or give you the corporation’s take on whether slavery was beneficial, they would most likely either refuse to comment or say “those things are evil; there are no benefits.” However, Google has AI employees, SGE and Bard, who are more...

AI detection tools falsely accuse international students of cheating ( en

Over the course of the spring semester, Hahn noticed a pattern of these false positives. Turnitin’s tool was much more likely to flag international students’ writing as AI-generated. As Hahn started to see this trend, a group of Stanford computer scientists designed an experiment to better understand the reliability of AI...

Why AI detectors think the US Constitution was written by AI ( en

If you feed America's most important legal document—the US Constitution—into a tool designed to detect text written by AI models like ChatGPT, it will tell you that the document was almost certainly written by AI. But unless James Madison was a time traveler, that can't be the case. Why do AI writing detection tools give...

Gdy sam szef OpenAI „trochę się boi” sztucznej inteligencji, ale ukrywa dane… Też powinniśmy się bać? (

Po wstępnym zachłyśnięciu się możliwościami ChatGPT i wielkich modeli językowych (LLM, z ang. "Large Language Models"), przyszedł chyba czas na refleksję. O zagrożeniach i problemach z nimi związanych mówi się coraz głośniej. Nie powstrzymuje to (na razie) wielkich firm technologicznych przed integrowaniem tych...

AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are | Naomi Klein ( en

[…] we trained the machines. All of us. But we never gave our consent. They fed on humanity’s collective ingenuity, inspiration and revelations (along with our more venal traits). These models are enclosure and appropriation machines, devouring and privatizing our individual lives as well as our collective intellectual and...

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