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To akurat wiadomo od dawna. Oni to klepnęli jak UE się wciąż zastanawiała, choć różnica jest AFAIR w tygodniach bardziej niż miesiącach.


Folks, please do block brighteon.social from your servers. Looks like a US far-right misinformation/conspiracy site and they’re apparently ramping up with tens of thousands of bot accounts. Best to nip this in the bud early.

If you don’t run your own or server, please ask your server admin to do it for you by reporting them.

(See https://mastodon.ar.al/@atomicpoet@mastodon.social/110107329975325472)


Interesting revelation from in recent interview on server choices for newcomers (https://www.theverge.com/23658648/mastodon-ceo-twitter-interview-elon-musk-twitter)

“However, I think that possibly going forward, we might rework the onboarding user experience into presenting a default option as well as an advanced option, where all that stuff with choosing a server would basically be hidden away from the people who get intimidated by choice.”

@fediversenews @hosting

@ngaylinn @fediversenews @hosting I’ve migrated once and found it worked quite well. I can seem room for improvement in how easy it is to the point of it being a button followed by an authentication to confirm, but getting people used to it is also probably necessary.

An issue with it though unlikely to go away is that your posts are not transferred and can only be retrieved through the cache on your old instance. Hard to stomach for many I think.

@maegul Of course. He wants to make #Mastodon a stand-alone project again.

#Guppe was "bad" enough already, but since the launches of @Fediverse Hosting Discussion, @Fediverse News etc., Mastodon has been relying on #Friendica which is essentially direct competition in order to have groups.

But I'm sceptical about what's planned regarding instance selection. For one, that'd lead to even more people joining Mastodon and taking two, three, four whole months or longer to realise that there is such a thing as instances. And more than one of these. In the meantime, they'd be mollycoddled into the belief that Mastodon is structured just like Twitter, only without Musk.

If carried out badly, i.e. if even the name of the instance these new users join is being concealed for them for ease-of-use's sake, they'd be essentially unable to log in through something else than the app they've used to register their user account with. They wouldn't even know where to log in.

Also, what'd be the standard default instance? mastodon.social? And when the next tsunami of new users comes flooding in from Twitter, it'd be full again because 99.999% of all newbies would go there?

Even before that, Mastodon should introduce full account migration. Not only including all toots, all uploaded media, all followers, all followed and all the settings, but ideally even without leaving a dead account behind afterwards. Then we can talk about channeling all newcomers onto one and the same instance.


są Fedi
Pol socjal jest fedi
lewacki space i mastodon też są fedi

Ale nie tylko:

Szmer jest fedi
karab.in jest fedi (nadajnik.org i kopnij.in też)
Mobilizon jest fedi
soc.citizen4.eu i petroskowo są fedi
woln.eu też jest fedi

Pixelfed jest fedi
PeerTube jest fedi
Misskey jest fedi

WriteFreely też jest fedi
OwnCast również jest fedi

Nawet każdy blog na Wordpressie może być fedi

@74 kolektiva jest fedi!

@szczur infosec Exchange też jest fedi

I wrote my first summary of @heiseonline on almost two months ago: Time for an update.

One thing in advance, even if it has become noticeably quieter here in the , the numbers remain pretty stable: Visits via Mastodon are still slightly below that via , but as a reminder, I can only compare visits generated via our accounts on with all visits over . So the actual numbers are even closer together. (@heiseonline@social.heise.de on Twitter has 246.000 Followers, on Mastodon it's 45.500)

On the first graph I have summed up the weekly entries via Mastodon vs. Twitter since the account went live at the beginning of November. The steady growth is partly due to the fact that only articles shared both on Mastodon and Twitter are included, and their number has increased. Overall, more visits come via Mastodon than via or .

The engagement (#boosts plus , no ) with posts of @heiseonline stagnates, but remains significantly above that on Twitter. I find only four posts from heise-accounts on Twitter in this time that have been shared at least 50 times, on Mastodon it's a whole 125 (!). At the same time, nothing really goes on , the upward swings of visits are significantly higher on Twitter.

A new initiative that shows noticeable effects is (something like "missed-o-don"): Under this hashtag @heiseonline re-shares on weekends the most clicked articles of the past week. And they get klicked noticeably again.
There is no criticism directed at the practice, the hashtag can be muted without missing anything else.

Despite such ideas, 89% of the visits via come on the first two days vs. 81% over Twitter.

A few more numbers: In total, @heiseonline has more than 122,000 interactions (#Boosts and , overview in the second image "Interaktionen"), per article that's an average of more than 26. About 4700 articles were shared, more than 500 of them have more than 50 interactions. More than 1000 each:

Follower numbers of @heiseonline grow very slowly, but the speed has increased since the Twitter account has a link to the Mastodon-account. @heiseonline is now the largest German-language media-account, slightly in front of @tazgetroete.
In the USA, there is a larger one with @ProPublica, but a few regional media are particularly active (#Newstodon).

The third picture shows visits via Mastodon and Twitter over the last 80 days.

Hope this is interesting for english-speaking accounts, too:
@fediversereport @fediverseobserver @fediversenews @atomicpoet @mmasnick @jeffjarvis @Gargron

@m0bi13 @hatwasidoingagain.com You are welcome to comment as much as you'd like. And if there's anything I can do on my end, like try an updated plugin, etc., let me know.

@arpcomics @hatwasidoingagain.com Ok, thanks. I will be in touch.

A całe fedi w przybliżeniu?

@PawelK cały Mastodon wg @mastodonusercount ponad 10 milionów
Cała Diaspora ponad 600 tysięcy
Misskey ponad 170 tysięcy
Pixelfed ponad 100 tysięcy
Pleroma też ponad 100 tysięcy
PeerTube tak ze 100 tysięcy
Lemmy przeszło 50 tysięcy
Friendica ponad 10 tysięcy
Mobilizon ponad 10 tysięcy
Bookwyrm ponad 10 tysięcy

(π*🚪 na podstawie danych z fediverse.observer)
Łącznie będzie to ponad 11 milionów


Pls boost!

🚨 So everyone at @spreadmastodon and everyone that has just done or encouraged a or the past : 🚨

Grassroots folks are organizing our next push to get Twitter folks to make the jump to for the first weeks of May!

This campaign is called - and if you still have a Twitter account and want to help:

➡️ FIRST STEP: Follow this group account 👉 @maystodon

cc: @elduvelle @noellemitchell


Fedilab. Rozbudowany klient mastodona na androida. Obsługuje . Wspiera wyszukiwanie hasztagów. Umożliwia opublikowanie kilku tootków w wątku jednocześnie. Obsługuje szkice, planowanie opublikowania. Interface w porządku, choć domyślny motyw nie przypadł mi do gustu.

Obsługuje również inne aplikacje w , ale nie zapewnia wszystkich specyficznych funkcjonalności



16 hours ago the - a 69 (nice) year old paper and trailblazer - was going to shut down Friday.

16 hours later the emergency fundraiser to save the paper is over halfway to goal already.

If you care about non-corporate-owned now is a damned good time to step up.

If you care about Mastodon mattering, how's the headline "Mastodon Saves Historic Newspaper" sound to you?