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That could be useful to improve accessibility in opensource software. They created their own license instead of using a common opensource license, I hope that won't cause license compatibility issues.

Thank you for sharing this. You're absolutely right that its not up to you to educate others. In fact, the concept of educational burden is often brought up when we talk about minorities. If someone unknowingly does something racist or sexist, they often push back and ask for an explanation from the affected party. This is a burden they are placing on others, because they have not educated themselves. But this is also misplaced, because they are the one causing harm and they are usually the person in the position of power or the person who is in a place of privilege.

„While poisonings or deaths caused by caffeine are rare, they do happen.[27][28][29][30] Even specialists can make mistakes, as was seen in a Northumbria University trial that accidentally gave two students 30 g of powdered caffeine (equivalent to about 300 cups of coffee), when they should have received 0.3 g (300 mg). Both students survived, but they were hospitalized for some time.“

People mixing their own pre-workout often make this mistake and drop in a tbs or more of caffeine which can and often does kill people. Caffeine is a risky substance when you utilize it in a purified form - a risk with many drugs where the active dose is so small.

The guy detailed his work, then Musk responds with laughing emojis. Then Musk goes on to poke fun at muscular dystrophe. Less mature than a 12 year old.

I expect he can probably sue Musk for disclosing his medical information, among other things.

painful thread.

This was pretty awful to see. The guy was just asking for confirmation of his termination. It was pretty clear he knew he was fired. Pretty straightfoward query but the asshole Musk tried to humiliate him for this. I say tried to because this guy took it gracefully.

Also this guy won a Person of the Year award:

When selling his company to Twitter, he accepted the price as wages so he could pay more taxes as opposed to on stocks.

the part that depresses me is that a lot of indian entrepreneurs (since im in india and know of the culture) will see this and go "served well" due to the kind of culture that exists in here

bring em on the fedi

I'd bring /r/mapporn too

I thought of you when I was watching this the other day :)


Yes, and a Texas Republican wants ISPs to block a wide range of abortion websites

That's absolutely devastating imo.

This NY Times opinion piece about cancel culture has become my "tome" regarding the subject. That thing about Dixie Chicks embodies the thesis number 8: "The right and the left both cancel; it’s just that today’s right is too weak to do it effectively."

Today the people with the most to fear from a right-wing cancel culture usually work inside Trump-era professional conservatism. (And even for them there’s often a new life awaiting as a professional NeverTrumper.) Attempted cancellations on the right are mostly battles for control over diminishing terrain, with occasional forays against red-state academics and anti-Trump celebrities. Meanwhile, the left’s cancel warriors imagine themselves conquering the entire non-Fox News map.

Also American right-wingers complain about the left virtue signaling but they have their own symbols for that. Think about MAGA merchandise and other Trump symbols, "Blue Lives Matter", "Support our troops" stickers, supporting "traditional values" and so on.

"I am the most oppressed demographic" - gamers, gaymers, men, women, rich people, magats, communists etc

are we so terminally online that we like ... became an actual meme of ourselves?

btw Oswald, the Walt Disney mascot before Mickey, is in public domain since last month

As someone working in education, this is what's up! Schools are saying ChatGPT will ruin school, same story followed cell phones, search engines and PC's...

Incase anyone wants the librediit link, here ya go:

This isnt a good news for chatGPT, but rather for education and pedagogy. ChatGPT still sucks and will continue to suck, but this is a big win for professors who understand how to deal with this dystopian scenario.

Also good thinking on posting the libreddit! I hope i remember to do the same in the future

Remember how insanely error prone wikipedia was out the gate yet now its damn near spot on everytime. This is why AI's have the thumbs up and down buttons so it can be corrected. Asking for recipes regarding chemistry, it BLEW tough just a month ago but now its accurate noticeably more often than last month. This demonstrates over time the AI software will dial in answers and its great to see a Prof utilize it during this process nonetheless.

Personally, I want to see chatGPT die, regardless of the future of AIs. It was a lie from the very beginning on being open source in nature, and is a huge privacy nightmare and a serious danger to the open web.

Open AI is just that yet the rest isn't which is BS based on the marketing for chatGPT. is fed info constantly so its literally update by the minute and not only 2021 and before like chatGPT. It had breakdowns of the East Palestine train wreck as info was available plus it provides sources and doesn't require an account. This makes it a solid option until is up and running in my book

From all of the research that I've done, reading countless books concerning psychology, the way to have happiness is to have successful relationships. And successful relationships comes from years of interpersonal communication, especially listening to others talk about their feelings.