The Dangers of Google’s .zip TLD (

Google launched this week a new TLD or “Top Level Domain” of .zip, meaning you can now purchase a .zip domain, similar to a .com or .org domain for only a few dollars. The security community immediately raised flags about the potential dangers of this TLD. In this short write-up, we’ll cover how an attacker can leverage...

Cyberstalkers Using New Windows Feature to Spy on iPhones | Certo (

[…] even if your iPhone is set to not show the contents of notifications until unlocked, Phone Link will still show the contents of these notifications regardless. This can be a way to spy on other private information, such as WhatsApp messages or notifications from banking apps.

Microsoft is forcing Outlook and Teams to open links in Edge, and IT admins are angry (

Microsoft Edge is a good browser but for some reason Microsoft keeps trying to shove it down everyone’s throat and make it more difficult to use rivals like Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft has now started notifying IT admins that it will force Outlook and Teams to ignore the default web browser on Windows and open links in...

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