PixelArt: Wpisy

@MarcuZona Why when I watch this gif I hear synthwave music? 😁


Here are some characters vaguely in the style of Eastward. The three on the left are original designs and the other one is John Darksoul or just "Dark Soul", protagonist of the hit franchise Dark Souls (known for his famous quote: "Every soul has its dark.").

Four characters vaguely in the style of the game Eastward. From left to right there are: a young woman with black and red hair mischeiviously throwing a molotov cocktail, a policeman or soldier with a blue and red light strapped to his head, menacingly brandishing his baton, then lovingly holding hands with the woman who threw the molotov. To his right there is a morose girl in a blue summer dress and matching wide-brimmed hat. The hat is dripping with shadowy ichor that has a live of its own, forming a gooey claw, lifting up the hat. To the right of her there is John Darksoul or Dark Soul, protagonist of the hit franchise "Dark Souls", showing off his sword and shield, while saying his famous line "It's always darkest before the soul."


Went on a bit of a longer walk today over to one of my favorite buildings. The sun was pretty high and so was the contrast. I may try to go out earlier in the morning and photograph it in different light, but I love how the first one turned out.

A black and white photo taken with a Gameboy Camera of an interesting, organically shaped building.
A black and white photo taken with a Gameboy Camera of an interesting, organically shaped building.

A black and white photo taken with a Gameboy Camera of an interesting, organically shaped building.

I have been trying my hand at making pixel art from time to time. I am still an amateur, though.

I was using Inkscape for it mainly due to Aseprite's price tag. I did consider Pyxel Edit, but it wasn't officially supported on Linux. On the other hand, GIMP and Krita required a bit more effort.

Anyway, I am happy to say I found some great alternatives that are also free and open source software.

Libresprite: https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.github.libresprite.LibreSprite

Pixelorama: https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.orama_interactive.Pixelorama

@ProfessorCode Thanks for sharing. Do you have some tutoroals? Abour getting started with pixel.art for newbies? Not about specific software but pixel art in general.

I'm not a designer and am unable to create avatars, icons and small imahes for my website. Do you think one can get there within some hours?

@danielsiepmann I am not sure I can point to one specific tutorial for you to follow, but you can find some good ones at Lospec and also on YouTube.

Lospec: https://lospec.com/pixel-art-tutorials

Pixel Art 101: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmac3HPrav-9UWt-ahViIZxpyQxJ2wPSH

Pixel Art Class: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLdxW--S_0h4dlWUpl-TzBp-ulqK3NiM_


W 2018 jarałem się "GRIS".

W 2019 - "Katana ZERO".

W 2021 - "Narita Boy".

W tym roku jaram się "LUNARK" - filmową platformówką autorstwa @johanvinet .

Tylko zerknij na tę animację skoku - niby główna postać składa się z kilkunastu pikseli, ale jak to wszystko ślicznie wygląda! Piękny pixelart 😍 Widać, że Johan włożył w tę grę całe swoje serce.

Nie mogę się już doczekać premiery.

Fragment gry "LUNARK" pokazujący piękno animacji podczas skoków w tej pixelartowej grze.

@PanNindyk @johanvinet Wygląda nieźle. Taki Prince of Persia.😉

@keres @johanvinet W końcu to jeden z tytułów (obok Another World i Flashback) na którym wzorował się autor LUNARK 🙂