rust: Wpisy

Miguel merged v2 of the core additions for the (aka "the first batch of changes to upstream the rest of the support"(¹)). They showed up in -next already and it looks like he plans to submit them for inclusion in 6.2:

(¹) reminder, the current Rust support is pretty basic:

Miguel merged v2 of the #rust core additions for the...

@jmcp I personally use firefox's reader mode in these websites.

@rust I’ll give that a go, thankyou for the suggestion

@froi has a steep learning curve because of semi-unique intertwined concepts and there's no consensus about the universal way of teaching them. So, if some explanation in the official docs isn't "clicking" for you, my recommendation is to check other learning resources - third-party books/tutorials/videos/etc. Here's a repo with a whole bunch of useful links:

@nathanstocks it not Entry I have a problem with, it’s the non-linear nature of the code, using the reference to update the map on the previous line feels … non-intuitive

@kellan @nathanstocks one-liner form without the variable works too: *entry().or_default() += 1;

Just ended a 3-hour session on and its type system.

Super exhausting because it was mostly me coding and talking all the time, but I'm really happy that I managed to go through all the examples that I wanted to show.

I saved all the examples and some notes here:

Props to @timClicks for his excellent "Shortest URL First" example. I found this to be a really good starting point to talk about many aspects of Rust's powerful type system.