OK, so this is interesting. Some major organizations have now set up their own Mastodon instances:

European Union: EU Voice >>> https://social.network.europa.eu/explore
German gov: Explore social.bund.de >>> https://social.bund.de/explore
Internet Archive: Explore Internet Archive >>> https://mastodon.archive.org/explore



There are no diamonds in Diamond Bay - back beach of Mornington Peninsula

This was the first time experimenting on night blue filters - it is proven a mistake that I should only use night filter for city neon lights!


There are no diamonds in Diamond Bay - back beach of...

@wykopek @grycmat Twoja sprawa.
Moja opinia:
Nie każda osoba w jest zaprawionym w bojach walczakiem z twittera z grubą skórą. Dlatego społeczność wprowadza zasady, które w 2022 roku nie powinny być dla nikogo trudne do zrozumienia / spełnienia czy kontrowersyjne.
W przeciwieństwie do korpo-socjali zostało stworzone przez osoby dla innych osób, a nie dla zysku. Dlatego samopoczucie innych osób korzystających jest tutaj ważne.


Pytania do społeczności:

Czy ktoś postawił "polską" instancję , z której korzystać mogłyby ekipy moderacyjne "polskich" instancji /#mastodon/#glitch-soc, by podejmować decyzje bardziej "demokratycznie"?

Macie wiedzę?

A może jakaś osoba dysponująca chęciami, czasem i infrastrukturą postawiłaby?

A może macie jakieś inne pomysły niż wykorzystanie loomio?

Dzięki za podbicie/boost :)


Twitter was never a healthy "public square" for most of us. Let's not rewrite history while eulogizing the hellsite.
Twitter was a frightening battleground where we managed barely to claw out an uneasy existence amidst the worst violent neo-Nazi extremists who constantly published our home addresses, threatened our kids' lives, and sent hordes of racist trolls into our mentions.
The same principles that allowed us to survive uneasily on Twitter will be required here in the . Community defense, thoughtful pressure on moderation policies, and eternal vigilance.
There are no safe spaces but those we make safe through constant effort. We keep us safe.


If you’re setting up your own fediverse presence at your own domain, don’t make the same mistake I did and call it mastodon.my.domain. Give it a generic name like social.my.domain, activity.my.domain, fedi.my.domain or something similar. You don’t want to tie an endpoint for an open protocol to a single implementation or perpetuate the myth that is the .

(Yes, you can migrate to a different subdomain later but it’s not a one-click process.)


🕸️ 📘 Hi, I'm a scholar* who wrote a book about & cultures holding "diversity" conversations 🖥️ 🌈

One take-home from that work is that EuroAm communities' frameworks for thinking abt inclusion were far more sophisticated than their analysis of positioning wrt & Global North-South relations. Sharing bc some may need reading on hegemonic in : https://press.princeton.edu/books/paperback/9780691192888/hacking-diversity

*white settler cis woman

@sonorov @lukaszwojcik polecam @pixelfed - , chronologia i brak reklam 😉


Do you want to publish long form texts on the Fediverse?

You might want to try @writefreely, a writing platform which focuses entirely on the text and has a minimalist interface to reduce distractions. More info at:

➡️ https://writefreely.org

...and servers to join at:

➡️ https://writefreely.org/instances

Because it's part of the Fediverse, you can follow Write Freely accounts from Mastodon.

You can also set up your own server to create your own blogging community.


With Twitter's collapse, funders should start helping build up federated discourse: supporting development of better security, of moderation aids, of proposals for affordances welcoming to Black Twitter and other communities. Stop thinking top down. Start thinking emergent.
Stop thinking about how to help newspapers. Start thinking about how to help communities and culture speaking for themselves. This is a place to start.

@jeffjarvis Totally agree. Also public funders (I'm from Europe).
But I don't think it has to be a choice between top down vs community driven and emergent. is a great case where the mission-driven approach, proposed by Mazzucato, could be deployed. Mission is a shared vision with clear and shared goals, but which can be achieve through a broad range of varied, not necessarily coordinated action.

The shared vision bit is crucial. Especially that we are already seeing strong disagreements on core functionalities and features of the ecosystem. Hopefully some funder will also fund citizen panels and other forms of participatory governance.


This is a really solid piece from @themarkup about the :

Yes, this write-up focuses on Mastodon, but at least makes it clear that it's a part of a larger network. 👍

I am liking how the reporting about fedi seemingly shifted over the last few weeks from "OMG Tw*tter Killer" and interviews with Eugen, to something more substantial and useful. :blobcat:


Dear : We are looking for a good solution to collaboratively create and maintain a of technologies for from to .

the solution should

  • offer public visibility (via html)
  • be easily editable (with or w/o account)
  • have a version history
  • be low tech
  • hosted by other good people
  • open source (of course)

extras for some style features, data fields and federation

tips welcome, boosts as well.


If you see a surveillance capitalist affiliation proudly displayed on someone’s profile here on the fediverse, ask “are you proud to work for them and why?” “Do you realise this space exists in reaction to the toxic, exploitative, and extractive spaces created by surveillance capitalists like your employer?”



We joined Kolektiva almost a year ago because we firmly believe in a social media space that is radically different than facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

We deserve a space that is ours; where booting nazis and adhering to our values is a given - not a desperate plea to moderators on corporate platforms.

We are grateful to the folks who have made Kolektiva a reality and we are glad to be here. Expect us to be more active on the going forward!