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, – Employees of CNN Philippines, the only predominantly English-language channel on free TV in the Philippines, anxiously await the outcome of a management-level meeting on Thursday, January 25, as rumors of a company shutdown circulate.

and its financial troubles

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In the meeting, the first time in nearly a decade, Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary and Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs H.E. covered a wide range of issues, from cooperation between the two countries, the and the , the situation in , and the plight of in .

WATCH: Philippines, Indonesia hold 7th Joint Commission for Bilateral Cooperation in

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(Reuters) -The leaders of the and met in Manila on Wednesday to discuss developments in the and efforts to build closer ties among Southeast Asian nations, among a range of issues.

Leaders of Philippines, Indonesia hold talks on S.China Sea, bloc

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127 years ago today, -Chinese Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, was executed by 's overlords, and Roman Church priests, in the .

On December 30, 1896, he was walked from his prison in to Bagumbayan (later called: and then ) in . It's more or less 2 km by [modern] road.

The main/primary monument for Rizal is located 100m SSE of where he was shot by the .

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"The is not provoking conflict in the South Sea, the country's military spokesperson said on Tuesday, in response to China's accusation that is encroaching on 's territory... The comments come a day after the People's Daily... wrote that the Philippines has relied on support to continually provoke China, with 'extremely dangerous' behaviour seriously harming regional peace and stability"

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" has been inviting journalists when it runs resupply missions to a naval outpost in the South Sea, resulting in regular media reports of standoffs with the Chinese ships. Those reports have included footage of swarming by Chinese ships, the use of water cannon against ships and even a minor collision at sea. Ray Powell, a maritime analyst... has dubbed the tactic 'assertive transparency'"

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"The and will hold joint maritime patrols in the West Philippine Sea, The Times learned Wednesday, a day after President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. announced the start of joint patrols between the country and the ...The Armed Forces of the Philippines has yet to provide details on the naval assets that will be deployed for the exercise that will cover waters off Palawan and extend to the Ayungin Shoal"

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Hey @philippines @Philippines @pinoy @pinoy, so I've been thinking about starting my own located physically here in the rather than in other countries like Singapore and the EU (the latter of which would have a really high latency for ). I wonder if any one of you know of any offerings that have datacenters here in my country (preferably in or near Southern Luzon but not too south)?

I ask specifically for the location to be in the Philippines not only because of the lower latency when working in SSH, but also because it just feels wrong to centralize all servers in countries like the EU, US, and Singapore... Who knows, maybe I might even start a fedi here like did at!

I know of but it has port 25 blocked (which kinda sucks, but I guess I could probably workaround it by asking some pubnix I know and help manage to setup a SMTP relay there to communicate to in another port but I have zero experience in here or any of this pubnix stuff really lol)... The pricing seems very tempting though. But I wonder if there are other options. My budget for the VPS is like 10 euros (or around 600 pesos) a month.

Thanks to anyone who will answer! :)

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It's still surprising to see how much in this video from the 80s can still be seen in today's

@pinoy @pinoy @philippines

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I'm Agas Ramirez, host of the . I share women's history from the region, like the stories of Supayalat of , the Trung Sisters of , Prinsesa Urduja of the , & Emiria Sunassa of . My latest series is on the Carnival (1908-1939).

Follow me for all things Southeast Asia! Looking forward to reblogging your posts.

You can find more information about the podcast on 🎧

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