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😎 To every tech geek like me out there living in Europe. How is your Vision Pro FOMO going? Must admit mine is pretty strong…

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@michael I enjoy reviews and general discussion if an on your face is something we need and will want to use daily. How we will stay connected with human beings in your surroundings wearing this kind of device?

For general use cases I believe in , not . And most of what I saw about VisionPro is VR.

Technology is simply not there yet. But and is the way forward in that field.

So, yeah - no FOMO, no definite opinions here. Just and .

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Congratulations to , the , celebrating its 11th birthday today! 🎂

Still operational after an amazing 4016 days!

Check out more and at @AstroMigration

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@mastodonmigration @AstroMigration
Weird how we anthropomorphize these machines

But 11 years is a long time to get familiar with one chuggin’ along up there

We get kind of invested in the drama 🔭

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Fantastic landscape of stiched together from images captured by NASA’s Mars rover . It shows Gediz valley shaped by wind and water flowing here billion years ago.
Do yourself a favour and follow the link to see it on your desktop computer. It is fascinating that we can see everyday new images from the surface of Mars

wgervais, to nauka
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Fellow scientists of Mastodon, what's the big question that drives your research?

please boost and reply to compile a big ol' honkin' list of scientific inspiration

ClaireLamman, to astronomia
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For this year's gingerbread I made... Curiosity!

EvergreenSoul, to ciekawostki
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Calm, open-hearted is the cure for so many interpersonal challenges in today's society. to sources of without rational thought or understanding does not solve problems. It only creates new ones. logically and with compassion to the sources of outrage.

Open your .

it appropriately with your .

Be .

. 🕉️

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