Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung: Facebook-Instagram-Bug ermöglichte Umgehung

Ein IT-Forscher hat Ende vergangenen Jahres eine Schwachstelle bei Facebook und Instagram entdeckt, mit der sich die Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung umgehen ließ.


Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung: Facebook-Instagram-Bug...

Once again I will say - "offline". Several people have asked me why I stopped using Social Media, and I don't actually know what to answer. I do use it, that's the thing. And I don't like it.
For a while I thought Reddit was fun because there's little hate, but that's not the case. Sure, people are generally nicer than on the toxic sewer that is Twitter, but the content itself is negative - perpetual hate speech against other views, mocking others, pornography.
I tried to go back to 9GAG and funny pictures, because after all, hey, I have a premium account. It turned out that 40 percent of the content was arguing how many genders there are. On Quora, which is social media for 50+, a lot of wise guys and all-knowing haters.
The painful truth is that you can't live completely without a smartphone. It is impossible not to have a banking app, an app to order food or a cab. Feature phones are most often of very poor quality, not even meeting basic criteria. These are not the days when in 2005 you had a phone that had a flawless alarm, managed to listen to podcasts on it and didn't lag when dialing or texting. Some people also still use GPS while driving.
But: I managed to keep the number of apps to a bare minimum, leaving YT Music, Google Podcast, Whatsapp, Outlook and Mastodon basically.
I use an Instax Mini 11 camera that takes instant photos like a Polaroid. If you respect the limited number of attempts, you also respect the photos themselves. The phone should not be used to take pictures, unless you need to take a picture of a public announcement on the staircase about a scheduled power outage.
I don't write notes on my phone or even on my computer anymore. That's what I have a notebook for - a planner and a regular small pocket notebook. Suddenly the notes become more relevant.
The effects are almost immediate - instead of getting annoyed at stupid things on the Internet, I suddenly started to have a lot more time for learning a language, playing XSX, talking, walking and going out with people. I don't miss the famous "here and now". Because it's impossible to be on the phone and "here." No matter how hard you tell yourself that.
Social Media is aimed at making you addicted. But believe me, you don't need to know how your ex is spending her summer vacation, how much weight a co-worker has lost, or how young some Indian woman got her PhD. You don't need to know what some uninteresting journalist just said. You don't need to know what the LGBT community dislikes again in some teen drama series. You don't need to know what some frustrated incel wrote about women because some girl told him that she doesn't really want to date a lowest-wage alcoholic. You don't have to.
You make this trash yourself. And I'm not saying this as someone who is making excuses, just someone who realized how much she lost after she created a Facebook account for herself in 2011.


runs experiments that literally drain the battery of your phone on purpose to see how you change your behaviour in those situations - or how it changes the way videos and images are rendered. It calls it "negative testing".

I'm appalled that a large business can run experiments that actively harm their users for no obvious benefit, get away with it, and people still believe in the mythology of the free market that eventually ends up rewarding the best product - with users eventually picking the winners among a pool of comparable competitors.

In an ideal and balanced capitalist market with low entry barriers for competitors, a company like Meta should already have burned in a big ball of fire long ago for all of its sins. The fact that Meta is still alive, can get away with basically anything and it actively pushes away competitors (usually by purchasing them) is the most macroscopic failure of that rotten economic system called capitalism.



Meta lässt Trump zurück auf Instagram und Facebook

Bald darf Trump wieder auf Meta-Plattformen posten - weil er ein wichtiger Politiker ist. Doch wird dem Ex-Präsidenten nicht alles erlaubt.


Meta lässt Trump zurück auf Instagram und Facebook...

Vollbremsung und abbiegen: Microsoft setzt auf KI statt das Metaverse

Tausende Stellen fallen bei Microsoft weg – im Bereich Mixed Reality. Investiert wird in OpenAI und KI. Google reagiert mit Panik, Meta mit überraschender Ruhe.


Vollbremsung und abbiegen: Microsoft setzt auf KI statt das...

Data out of the radio noise: the PoC is out. This technology can allegedly detect people (and their poses) even through walls by simply using .

On a second thought, it's not even that much of rocket science. Collect zillions of data about typical indoor Wi-Fi signals, use some basic FFT to infer their "echoes" from their amplitude and phase shifts (as some of them bounce back to the antenna), extract only the echoes, label the dataset (i.e. tell which echoes are associated to an object, or human pose, of interest), and feed the whole thing to a big ML model.

I even did similar ML projects in the past, but for noise/echo detection in audio signals (the principles here are exactly the same though, just replace audio with radio). Actually, any wave could be used for mapping purposes using the same "echo" principle. It's just that the higher the frequency, the higher the resolution, and therefore lower power is required. In theory one could even map things and people in a room using audio waves, if the audio waves were very high-pitched and loud enough.

Pros: it could be a game-changer for the mapping of any environment. Something as cheap as a pair of Wi-Fi antennas could replace more power-hungry and expensive equipment like LiDAR on anything from self-driving cars to crowd monitoring for public spaces.

Cons: "DensePose is a technology developed by Platforms Inc. and used by ". How come it doesn't surprise me? I can bet a reasonable amount of money that in a few months we'll see Meta launch to market a new fancy Wi-Fi router...

Worst: Wi-Fi signals go through walls. So even if I'm careful/paranoid, and I have my own Debian-running BananaPi as a Wi-Fi router, but my neighbour buys the new hypothetical "Meta Router", Facebook may end up mapping me, my family and my apartment as well - and no consent agreement can save me from that. In the wrong hands, this is stuff that could belong to a Black Mirror episode.


Trzeba od razu wyprostować kilka nieścisłości w tym tekście:
<> .
Fediverse to więcej niż sieć serwerów mastodona. To również dziesiątki innych projektów i tysiące opartych na nich serwerów.
Co za tym idzie "mastodon i fediverse" nie są alternatywą dla twittera - co najwyżej jest nią sam mastodon, natomiast fediverse może być (jest!) alternatywą dla całego ekosystemu korporacyjnych, scentralizowanych social mediów. Prawie każda aktywność i forma publikacji obecna w korpomediach ma tu swoje federacyjne odpowiedniki. Np. -> , -> , , -> , -> itd. Wybór jest znacznie większy: fedidb.org/software .

Mastodon nie jest też protokołem, jak głosi tekst. Protokół na którym oparta jest wymiana między serwerami nosi nazwę . Natomiast faktycznie API mastodona, ale do komunikacji między klientem i serwerem, jest nieformalnym standardem używanym przez niektóre inne projekty.

najciekawszy blog o prywatności w internecie, którego nie znasz

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@sowa Pewnie jest wiele rozwiązań, jak z -a wrzucić treści do fedi, mnie do głowy przychodzi taki scenariusz:

  1. Wyciągasz posty z fp do RSS, np. z pomocą http://fetchrss.com, który to FB obsługuje
  2. Z pomocą jakiegoś bota do wrzucasz do i obserwujesz

Pkt. 1 mam przetestowany, czytam w czytniku RSS, nie planowałem tutaj jeszcze wrzucać. Ale to "musi" zadziałać :)

Ostatnio z publicznie dostępnymi botami RSS2Fedi posucha, ale można coś postawić 🤔

@maotsu With it was pretty easy for me. Over 3 years ago I just ripped of the band-aid and deleted my account. Never looked back and didn’t even bother to backup my data. I’ve managed to convince some of my closest friends to join Signal, to stay in touch more often. Looking at what’s happening to , it’s next…

After those years I’ve recently seen Facebook again on my wife’s phone and it’s now so unfamiliar and unattractive…


Surveillance capitalism just got a kicking. In an ultimatum, the European Union has demanded that Meta reform its approach to personalised advertising—a ruling that could have profound consequences for a company that has grown rich by running ads.

The ruling, with a €390 million fine attached, is targeted specifically at Facebook and Instagram, but a huge blow to Big Tech as a whole.



Kilka intuicyjnych obeserwacji.

Na YouTube śledzi mnie najwięcej osób pokroju "Nie jestem lewakiem, ale..."

Na Facebooku śledzi mnie najwięcej osób typ "Hehe, śmieszny mem, polajkuję tego funpaO JEZU O KURWA ON PISZE O SOCJALIŹMIE!!!1"

Na Twitterze śledzi mnie najwięcej w queerowych nastolatków i młodych dorosłych wdających się w najgłupsze możliwe inby w Internecie (i tak kocham ich wszystkich, nie przejmujcie się).

Cholera wie, kto śledzi mnie na Mastodonie. Jakieś pomysły?

@MistyPop uciekinier z here!


Ludzie! Myślcie proszę! Jak puszczacie psa samopas, to niech on co najmniej ma adesowkę przypietą do obroży. Wystarczy coś prostego z numerem telefonu właściciela!

I nie piszcie później na , że już kolejny raz to się stało. Skoro wiesz, że pies jest uciekinierem, to czy nie lepiej się zabezpieczyć przed tym? Szczególnie, że dziś też jeszcze słuchać wystrzały?!

Myślcie! To nie takie trudne! Mój ma adresowkę, GPS, obroże świecącą w nocy... Można?!


Some friends of mine complained that is boring.

My Answer: Yes, it's boring at the beginning. It will not fill your timeline with "You May Like" right after registration, as are doing.

You HAVE TO work hard to find the accounts you like. You need to be responsible for your timeline. It's like standing in front of a newsstand, and you need to think about which newspaper/magazine you're about to buy.