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Nowa wersja 1.3.0 wtyczki dla

Nowość: komentarze z powątkowane!


Strona wtyczki:

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We just released version 1.3.0 of the plugin for


The WordPress.com release is in preparation!

Main new feature: Threaded Comments 😍

Here is a nice example: https://notiz.blog/2023/12/04/sidebar/#comments

Thanks to everyone who was involved!


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Etwas abseits des , aber grad ein Problem für mich:

Wo in kann ich die einer Webseite anzeigen lassen (nicht nur die Anzahl, sondern tatsächlich die einzelnen Daten)?

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O Matyldo! Kombinuję jak słoń pod górę z integracją własnej strony statycznej z komentarzami i wpisami z Fedi, aby mieć z własnej domeny. Kompletnie zapomniałem o rozwijającym się Castopodzie. Niniejszym zapraszam do obserwowania i podbicia posta z konta: @radiowarroza

@Castopod coraz bardziej się rozwija i integracja z Fedi coraz lepsza. Polecam. Potrzebuje tylko PHP w wersji 8 i można odpalić na hostingu bez większych problemów. Polecam do podkastów, ale w zasadzie jest to serwer ActivityPub.

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Nowa wersja Mobilizon v4


  • Prywatne ogłoszenia i rozmowy, w tym do osób które zgłosiły akces na wydarzenie

  • Importuj i synchronizuj wydarzenia z innych platform (Facebook, Meetup itp.)

  • więcej poprawek, ficzerów i nowych błędów 😉

P.S. Z tym importem z Facebooka, to jak piszą, jednym działa innym nie, niezbadane są wyroki grodzonego ogrodu Marka. Raz da dane, a raz nie 🤔

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I just donated a small amount to

You would expect they would offer the chance to automatically spread the word in the because... you know... open-source and all that... But their choices are the same old privacy-unfriendly social networks. That was disappointing.
Hey @thunderbird I am not saying you should abandone the other socials, but at least include support for socials that align with your own values ;)

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Last Week in - ep 46

This week's news:

  • NLnet funds a variety of fediverse projects
  • has released there latest version with a variety of new features
  • has published their recap for 2023

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-ep-46/

masimatutu, to fediverse en-gb

Mastodon has the responsibility to promote diversity in the Fediverse

I love the Threadiverse. Compared to the microblogging Fediverse’s sea of random thoughts, Lemmy and kbin are so much easier to navigate with the options to sort posts by subscribed, from local instances or everything federated. You can also sort by individual community, and then there are the countless ways to order the posts and comments (which are stored neatly under the main post, by the way). That people can more easily find the right discussions and see where they can contribute also means that the discussions tend to be more focused and productive than elsewhere. Decentralisation also makes a lot of sense, since it is built around different communities. All that’s needed is users.

Things were going quite well for a while when Reddit killed third-party apps, prompting many to leave and find the Threadiverse. However, it is quite difficult to entertain a crowd that has grown accustomed to a constant bombardment of dopamine-inducing or interesting content by tens of millions of users, if you only have a couple hundred thousand people. This is causing some to leave, which of course increases this effect. The active users have more than halved since July, according to FediDB. The mood is also becoming more tense. Maybe the lack of engagement drives some to cause it through hostility, I’m not quite sure. Either way, the Threadiverse becoming a less enjoyable place to be, which is quite sad considering how promising it is.

But what is really frustrating is that we could easily have that userbase. The entire Fediverse has over ten million users, and many Mastodonians clearly want to engage in group-based discussion, looking at Guppe groups. The focused discussions should also be quite attractive. Technically we are federated, so why do Mastodonians interact so little with the Threadiverse? The main reason is that Mastodon simply doesn’t federate post content. I really can’t see why the platform that federates entire Wordpress blogs refuses to federate thread content just because it has a title, and instead just replaces the body with a link to the post. Very unhelpful.

The same goes with PeerTube. There are plenty of videos on there that I am quite sure a lot of Mastodonians would appreciate, yet both views and likes there stay consistently in the tens. Yes, Mastodon’s web interface has a local video player, but in most clients it is the same link shenanigans, may may partly explain the small amount of engagement. This is also quite sad, because Google’s YouTube is one of the worst social network monopolies out there, if not the worst.

And I know some might say that Mastodon is a microblogging platform and that it makes sense only to have microblogging content, but the problem is that Mastodon is the dominant platform on the Fediverse, its users making up close to 80% of all Fedizens. It has gone so far that several Friendica and Hubzilla users have been complaining about complaints from Mastodonians that their posts do not live up to Mastodon customs, and of course, that people frequently use “Mastodon” to refer to the entire Fediverse. This, of course, goes entirely against the idea of the Fediverse, that many diverse platforms live in harmony with and awareness of each other.

The very least that Mastodon could do is to support the content of other platforms. Then I’d wish that they’d improve discoverability, by for instance adding a videos tab in the explore section, improving federation of favourites since it is the dominant sorting mechanism on many other platforms, and making a clear distinction between people (@person) and groups (!group), but I know that that is quite much to ask.

P.S. @feditips , @FediFollows , I know that you are reluctant to promote Lemmy and its communities because of the ideology of its founders, but the fact is firstly that it’s open source and there aren't any individual people who control the entire project, and that the software itself is very apolitical. In fact, most Lemmy users both oppose and are on instances that have rules against such beliefs, so I highly encourage you to at least help raise awareness on the communities. Then, of course, there’s kbin, which isn’t associated with any extremism at all. As a bonus, it has much better integration with the microblogging Fediverse, but it is a lot smaller and younger, and still very much under development.

Anyways, that was a ramble. Thanks for hearing me out.


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elijax, to muzyka Italian
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Hello World 🌎🌍..

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Dear folks, if anybody knows of any peer reviewed papers, official reports, etc., on how ad networks are or have been used by malicious actors to target specific people or groups — with malware, but also with targeted surveillance — I would love to hear.

I'm talking beyond "mere" surveillance capitalism. Surveillance capitalism is bad enough, of course, but in this particular case I am looking specifically for stuff that goes beyond "just" targeting ads.


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I think i can speak for most Fedi admins when I say;

On the we care a lot more about (mental) health rather than keeping you on here as long as possible so with that said...

Take a break from your feed every now and then!

Go read a book, take a walk or play a game :ed_grin:

The Fediverse will be here when you'll get back❤️

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✨ Simple. Focused. Fresh.

A sneak peek of the new web UI, shipping early 2024.

eharlitzkern, to fediverse
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Today is my Mastodon anniversary! Happy 1 year in the Fediverse to me! 🥳

I'm glad to be here. Glad to be among so many birdwatchers, chattering academics, medievodons, histodons, and other awesome people doing awesome stuff.

Thank you to the creators and moderators of historians.social for creating this space.

@histodons @histodon @academicchatter @medievodons

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Miałem ograniczać , a wychodzi na to, że teraz głównie w ciągu dnia siedzę na 🤣 😂 🤣

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Today is

If you are a fan of @coffee, please consider making a donation today to Food4Farmers, a fantastic organization helping with food security in Central American coffeelands.

Food4Farmers ⬇️

Donation Link ⏬

Every fan who donates at least $5 (the cost of a latte) in next 24hr will be eligible to win 1 of 2 $50 Expedition Brewers from me, mailed to you.

Just PM me a screenshot of your donation to enter.

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Macie jakieś fajne .owe tapety? Podrzućcie proszę 🙏🏻😀

wilda, to opensource
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Czytając nasz blog, wiecie, że pod artykułami możecie skomentować tekst, nanosząc swoje uwagi, opinię lub podając dodatkowe informacje. Ale nie są to zwykłe komentarze - to wpisy w mediach społecznościowych, dzięki czemu łączycie przyjemne z pożytecznym. Tutaj artykuł o tym, jak to zrobiliśmy wykorzystując Fediverse, a konkretnie Mastodona.


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Tomorrow, to encourage the @coffee community to consider donating to a wonderful coffeelands charity during , I will be offering up TWO of the Expedition Brewers (slightly used lol) as raffle prizes to anyone who donates $5 or more to the charity I'll list at 5am PST time on November 28.

To enter, you'll have to make a minimum of a $5 donation, and private message me your donation entry screenshot. I'll randomly select 2 winners and mail them this nifty $50 brewer!

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wariat, (edited ) to random
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A co się stało z @julianna ?

Była wczoraj… i nie ma. Ktoś, coś?

@milesaway@mastodon.social avatar

@wariat A to nie ma w czarnych dziur, w których można zniknąć? 😅

kasika, to random
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Słuchajcie, mastodonowi wyjadacze. Napisałam na Insta, że go porzucam na rzecz Mastodona i ludzie się mnie pytają, co to takiego. Tzn. nie jakoś dużo ludzi, ale parę osób się autentycznie zaciekawiło. I teraz problem taki. Jak ładnie opisać, co to jest Mastodon? Ale żeby nie za długo i niezbyt skomplikowanie tłumaczyć, bo się zniechęcą i nie o to też chodzi. Tak żeby zajawić temat, że tu jest fajnie. Coś tam piszę, ale np. o sposobie działania serwerów niewiele wiem, więc w pewnym momencie się zaczynam plątać. Dajcie jakieś pomysły, co? Nie wiem, czy to podchodzi pod pomocowy hasztag?

@m0bi13@pol.social avatar

@emill1984 @kasika @mirek_m

Kiedyś napisałem takiego tootka na innej instancji:



Zapytał mnie ostatnio kolega używający dalej -a, co to jest to całe ?

Odpowiedziałem mu tak:

Wyobraź sobie, że z twojego Twittera możesz dać follow kumpeli z -a. I czytać jej posty, co tam pisze, ale na Twitterze. I możesz dać suba jakiemuś kanałowi na , i jak wypuści nowy klip, to ci się pojawi na timeline i możesz obejrzeć, zalajkować i podać dalej.
Albo ktoś z -a może ci dać follow na twoim twitterze, i między zdjęciami zobaczy twoje wpisy. A jak mu się spodobają, to je skomentować.

No to to jest właśnie coś takiego. Tylko zamiast Twittera jest Mastodon, zamiast Facebooka jest np. Friendica, zamiast Instagrama uzywamy Pixelfed, a zamiast YouTube mamy PeerTube. Ta zmiana to wszystko, co wystarczy, by te serwisy były ze sobą połączone i współpracowały. I wymieniały dane. I żeby wszyscy widzeli wszystkich, rozmawiali i komentowali. Jak w e-mail. Bo nie ma żadnej korporacji, która by pilnowała, byśmy wszyscy byli oddzieleni od siebie, bo im wtedy więcej $ wpada.


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