Heavy snowfall is expected today in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, while the electricity supply is still disrupted due to recent air strikes carried out by Russia, guaranteeing a difficult winter for the city's inhabitants.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's Zelensky says he wants to send around 60 ships to African nations in need of urgent food aid such as Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.



>§#Ukraine's leaders will have to be "far-sighted" to secure peace, Francis said on Friday, suggesting that would have to make concessions to end the war with .

Maybe missing it, but why are these calls always directed at Kyiv? Russia could put on their big boy pants and be far sighted and offer concessions to end the war too, you know

Why do folks always talk about Russia like its an inanimate force of nature like a hurricane? They have agency too.


write that should not threaten , because "they will burn to ashes."

We already remember in three days. It seems that the will be in ashes.


Kyiv’s Metro is a symbol of the city’s resilience.

Soviet authorities built the public transport system to withstand a potential NATO attack. Now, its stations, some located nearly 100 metres underground, are shielding Ukrainians from Russian missiles.