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We are looking for a new colleague to lead the microbiology & immunology section of @PLOSBiology!!

Do you have micro/immuno expertise (including virology of course) & a passion for science away from the bench? This could be for you

Get in touch w/ any Qs!

Associate or Senior level

Applications will be assessed upon receipt

Boosts greatly appreciated!

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🧵 : this the first in a series of that will eventually be stitched together into a related to 📚 and 📘. (1)

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Mattick, J., & Amaral, P. (2022). RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information (1st ed.). CRC Press. (5)

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I am developing Fungal Channel.
The idea is to make more attractive and accessible to people.
You can watch videos about Fungal biology and fungal (aka mycoviruses) here ⬇️
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and Like videos! It is the best motivation creating new content!

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Indeed, when we tested a modified strain that produces only minimal levels of toxins (agt::tet Δpsm1-4 has reduced toxin production because of inactivation of a major virulence regulator) we did see higher viral titer, compared to cells treated with WT S. aureus

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Scientists discovered an organism that hunts and eats viruses ( )

Halteria Eats Viruses For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

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A bacterial driver of arthritis?

Autoantibodies are detected in people at risk for rheumatoid arthritis before development of clinical disease. The source of these autoantibodies is unclear.

“A bacterial strain from the Subdoligranulum genus associated with autoantibody development was identified. Mice colonized with this Subdoligranulum isolate developed arthritis…”

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