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Pseudocide, or faking your own death, is a common trope in literature and film. Crime writer Manning Wolfe writes about why it continues to be resonant, from "Romeo and Juliet" and "Death on the Nile" to "Sleeping with the Enemy" and "Gone Girl."


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There were dozens of Black classical composers in 19th-century New Orleans, but they had few opportunities to present their compositions around the world, and that means their works have been largely forgotten — until recently. Atlas Obscura reports how OperaCréole, founded in 2011 by Black mezzo-sopranos Givonna Joseph and her daughter Aria Mason, is giving life to lost works as "an act of restorative justice."


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The music of Starfield is epic and grand, perfectly setting the tone for the game. For @TheConversationUS, orchestra director J. Aaron Hardwick explains how it, and the scores for other video games such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Civilization IV, are drawing new audiences to classical music.


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"Wham," a new documentary about the band founded by Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael, has just landed on Netflix. Here's a review of the 92-minute film, which marks the 40th anniversary of their debut album "Fantastic." "Wham" includes archive footage and audio of Michael and Ridgeley, and scrapbooks created by Ridgeley's mother, and is most of all a celebration of the duo's enduring friendship.


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Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd, is the subject of a German police investigation after wearing a costume that resembled a Nazi uniform at two recent concerts in Berlin. Here’s more from Entertainment Weekly, including Waters’ emphatic response.

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Men around the world say they have fewer social ties than they used to, and that their friendships get weaker over time. Here's a look at why that might happen, how this could affect men's health and wellbeing, and some tips for making new friends at any stage of life.


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Michael J. Fox looks back on Hollywood triumphs, setbacks and why "Parkinson’s is the gift that keeps on taking."

Variety profiles the actor: https://variety.com/2023/film/features/michael-j-fox-parkinsons-disease-still-documentary-1235607552/

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