I'm gay

People mixing their own pre-workout often make this mistake and drop in a tbs or more of caffeine which can and often does kill people. Caffeine is a risky substance when you utilize it in a purified form - a risk with many drugs where the active dose is so small.

Thank you for sharing this. You're absolutely right that its not up to you to educate others. In fact, the concept of educational burden is often brought up when we talk about minorities. If someone unknowingly does something racist or sexist, they often push back and ask for an explanation from the affected party. This is a burden they are placing on others, because they have not educated themselves. But this is also misplaced, because they are the one causing harm and they are usually the person in the position of power or the person who is in a place of privilege.

What is up with the way that article is written? Is this meant to be targeting incels? There's a weird level of hand-holding tutorial interspersed with sexist ideology about owning a girlfriend. There's also a weird shift from NFT art of women into trying to find a date in VR? but no mention that you're trying to interact with a human? If this was written by a human (and not AI) I am very concerned

Honestly it's kinda fascinating in some extremely weird way...

obvious writing was obvious, but it was a cute story