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-bartender 🍸:molotov: -socialist :commie: :anarchistflagblack: -antifascist :antifa: -union member :IWW: -harm reduction💉:weed: 🍺 #OrganizeTheServiceIndustry :commie_peek: the only boss I listen to is Bruce Springsteen

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@hockey fucking Tampa Bay!! The one time ya’ll decide to score in the first period… 🤦‍♂️

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One of my favorite things about Hell or High Water is that they get away with it. well, Toby does anyway. I’d argue that Tanner gets a very Walter White ending where, obviously if you die from a gunshot wound you didn’t get away with anything, but I’d also be hard pressed to say that he “got caught” or “didn’t succeed in his mission.”

And honestly, if Toby had gotten caught I think that would have ruined it for me. It’s not that “the good guy” always has to win in the end, it’s that Toby gets to actually be the good guy*. The movie spends so much time showing audience the economic precarity of this part of America, so much time showing how predatory the banks really are I have a hard time sympathizing with the cop whose goal** is to take the two young men trying to escape from underneath the banks boot and make sure they stay in their place, with boot planted firmly on their neck.

This is the exact problem I keep running into with Justified, another neo-Western with a cowboy cop vs outlaws. Their “criminals of the week” often get fleshed out enough (in actually realistic ways imo, the villains of the week are rarely evil instead their ppl who made a few bad decisions and are now stuck in whatever predicament forces them to cross Raylen) that when the episode ends with them in cuffs headed to prison it rarely feels like “Justice is served” as much as “Raylan and the marshals trampled on the freedom of a human who deserved better.” While this may be realistic, my issue is with the framing. The shows tries hard to convince you “sure, so-and-so is actually a decent person, and their reason for doing this particular crime is actually pretty understandable, but if you do crime you need to be arrested” which simply… doesn’t fly with me to say the least.

Sorry for turning this post into being about Justified lmao. The point is: Toby getting away with his plot to save the family ranch and rescue his children from a life of poverty is a welcome change to the Neo-Western formula. Also, the gas station scene with the obnoxious metal head in the line green whip fucking GOES.

*yea, he’s of the Jesse Pinkman school of hero-dom, where he’s kinda sketchy but compared to the ppl around him he’s basically a saint. Still the good guy though.

**This is, ofc, not the Texas Ranger’s stated goal; he’s simply doing his job and trying to stop a couple people from breaking the law. But intent doesn’t matter materially, regardless of the Ranger’s values what he is in fact doing is acting as a stormtrooper for finance capital in assisting the economic devastation of the region. This would hold true regardless, but he’s also smart enough to know what effect he’s actually having.


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@mezz @filmstudies you’re absolutely right, I’ve def seen my share of absurd memes also. I think it depends where you spend your time online too. If you’re on like film twitter or whatever, you’ll def see some more “intelligent” style posts. But a place like Facebook? That’s where I see all the boomer style posts.

I should also mention that I live at the Jersey Shore lmao. We have restaurants here that advertise as “Where the Sopranos eat at the Shore!” All of the sandwiches are named like “Tony’s Goomar.” The B-level actors come in an make appearances, the guy who played Big Pussy just came through and got a sandwich named after him. Needless to say there are loads of the more boomer type fans around here lol

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@mezz @filmstudies also lmao I’ve never seen that video before

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Heat gets called a which makes sense, the heist is the centerpiece of the movie. It’s just crazy that after the heist is over we still have like half of the movie to go. Dealing with the aftermath of the heist may have also been done in Resivoir Dogs, but the difference is that Reservoir Dogs is about the aftermath, whereas Heat is about the heist and gives equal time to before and after. @moviestvposting @filmstudies

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All books are propagande when a government fears people might start thinking about why things are they way they are 🤔

@bookstodon @litstudies @histodons @politicalscience

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@plount @KerryMitchell @Enema_Cowboy @NickEast @bookstodon @litstudies @histodons @politicalscience well, since the USSR had worse censorship I guess censorship doesn’t exist in the US

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