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SF Bay Area, East Bay, California, Gen X, Gen Y, bisexual, liberal socialist, nature and animal lover, geology, astronomy/astrology, physics, sacred geometry, paganism, art, books, cats, cannabis, sunsets, fog, redwoods, magic ✨

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So I was attempting some basic research about spiders on yesterday and what the actual hell is going on? It was a simple, specific question, and I could not find an answer. But more disturbingly, every time I tried using different search terms, the same exact results appeared. It’s like Elon Musk turning Twitter into a dumpster fire opened the door for all tech to do the same. I got a bad feeling about this. “Just Google it” isn’t really possible anymore… shit’s breaking down fast 😕

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"We’re so divided," a member of the state's Republican party said from the hospital. "I just wish we could come together." https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/kicked-in-balls-fight-michigan-gop-1234785273/

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Seriously guys? Five pop-ups? I just wanna know who kicked who in the balls, damn

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Did I seriously just see that Phoenix is having highs of 115+ and lows of 95+ this week?

Overnight lows of 95° ?!?!!!

Holy fuck. 😳

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