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Writer from West Virginia. Lover of Linux and free software.

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Saw the leaked Microsoft report on The Elder Scrolls 6 skipping PlayStation.

My reaction:


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@gamingonlinux I don't understand the GIF. Are you feigning surprise or happy?

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@gamingonlinux Well, we all know what a big Microsoft stan you are, so your guess is as good as mine. :P

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Thanks for all the suggestions to fix my issues on macOS. A few remarks:

  • the option to always keep the menu bar visible in fullscreen wasn’t where people told me it was. I eventually found it in “missions control” for some reason.
  • Three fingers drag to move a window is awesome, why is it not in the main touchpad settings?
  • The “move” shortcut is the stupidest thing. Just use the command X feature that is IN THE MENU (why have it here if it’s greyed out all the time??)
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@thelinuxEXP The best solution to problems on Mac (and Windows!) is to use Linux instead. :)

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XDA claim they're a "leading tech publication".

They published an article titled: "Why I like Linux on my Steam Deck but not my desktop"

-> Uses tiny and basically unsupported obscure Linux distribution to make a case against it on the desktop.

-> Also thinks somehow Proton is only on Steam Deck?

Please, if you're going to publish a Linux article, get your writers to do more than 1 minute research into it.

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@gamingonlinux Was literally about to say this guy's a fucking idiot, missed your first post with context.

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