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There will be times when the struggle seems impossible. Alone, unsure, dwarfed by the scale of the enemy. Remember this. Freedom is a pure idea. #Abolition #Vegan #Anarchy Tyranny requires constant effort. It breaks, it leaks. Authority is brittle. Oppression is the mask of fear. The day will come when all these moments of defiance will have flooded the banks & then there will be one too many. One single thing will break the siege. Remember this. Try. #Minnesota #Intersectional #BLM

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This really sucks. Week after week after week of the same damn thing!

Canada is burning up, and no one outside of Canada seems to care.*

Two weeks ago, when I made a similar lament (https://climatejustice.social/@breadandcircuses/110888244313761100) the deadly toll stood at 13.2 million hectares burned. Now it's up to 15.2 million, again with no end in sight. I grieve.

  • EDIT: After numerous comments, I realized that I should have been more specific about that. Because plenty of people DO care, but it seems our governments and the US corporate media do not.

SOURCE OF MAP -- https://ciffc.ca/

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Canada’s wildfires are my air quality. Also, I lived in British Columbia for six months. I grieve with you.

If American media called out the climate crisis, and those responsible, our entire world would have to change. The people in power own that media & the politicians who make up & enforce our laws. They’re not ready to change. We have to make them change.

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So, I may be a "doomsayer" (I consider myself a realist), but I'm always trying to see if there's a solution to getting us out of the mess we're in. Perhaps I would describe myself as an optimistic pessimist. Anyhow, based on my recent research, here are some of the solutions I think we (humanity) should pursue collectively...

  1. Plug up the ! Seriously! That's a big part of the problem!

  2. Make the price of expensive! I remember when having meat was considered a special occasion -- not a daily occurrence.

  3. Make things out of . Now that we've cracked the recipe, there's no excuse not to use it! Especially with rising sea levels (Roman concrete holds up better when exposed to water).

  4. Manufacture stuff that lasts! No more -- items that can't be upgraded and/or repaired by a skilled user or a local repair shop!

  5. Grow food locally! Turn empty spaces into (and ).

  6. Utilize new (and ancient) technologies to the max! , reflective white paint, building new structures with , and other ways to cool/heat spaces without using !

That's just a few off the top of my head. I think a lot of the solutions are right in front of us -- but and are keeping them from being implemented!

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Free public transportation & lots of it.
Regenerative farming.
Kitchen gardens.
Cobb houses & buildings.
Yards as habitat.
Trench composting.
More green space.
20 mph residential.
Co-ops, not corporations.
Lots more protected bike lanes & bike paths.
Indigenous fire management.

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Open Letter to ...

Hello Meta,

It has become known you are reaching out to members of our community to hold secret meetings (1), thereby roping them into a conspiracy of silence. This is not how we do things. This is an open social media network. If you have something to say, create an account and post it to all of us.

Asking you to stop this divisive tactic, and release everyone from any and all legal covenants pertaining to and the .

(1) https://fosstodon.org/@kev/110592625692688836

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Capitalists exploit. That’s all Facebook knows. It’s their MO.

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We are beautiful anarchy made manifest.

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