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N.C., USA. Management consultant, but not the crappy kind. Old, sweary, and stabby when provoked. #Antiracist; #Antifa; #Resist; trying to be a good LGBTQ and BLM ally. Interests: #journalism #media #maps #dataviz #astronomy #management #leadership #LearningAndDevelopment #learning #uspol #ncpol #cats #mastocats #kittens #CatsOfMastodon.

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breadandcircuses, to random en
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We live in an upside down world.

Swedish authorities are threatening Greta Thunberg with a prison sentence — while the real criminals, the owners of the fossil fuel companies and the multinational corporations, are making 💵 millions of dollars 💵 every day by destroying the ecosphere that Greta Thunberg and others are trying to protect.

We live in an upside down world.


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@breadandcircuses We live in the STUPIDEST fucking timeline.

dailymedievaldeath, to medievodons de
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Whether diarrhoea or heart attack: 1442 Henry V of England died on campaign in France. His remains were brought back to England and buried in Westminster Abbey. @medievodons

Ms.: BNF Français 5054, f. 27v.

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Dude. That's not how Shakespeare told it.

davidzipper, to Norway en
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Norway has one of the lowest crash death rates in the world, with fatalities dropping ~50% in the last decade. I asked a senior Norwegian transportation official what role car technology has played enhancing safety.

“None,” she replied. “We focus on road design and enforcement."

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@davidzipper Car technology has made a huge difference in the U.S., but we could also cut fatalities and serious injuries dramatically with better road design.

breadandcircuses, to random en
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In a perceptive and convincing analysis linked below, Steve Genco (@sjgenco) examines three different choices the world could make in an effort to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

  1. We could flip the switch on fossil fuels today.

  2. We could continue burning fossil fuels temporarily to keep industrial civilization going long enough to construct an alternative energy exit path.

  3. We could choose to not choose.

I want you to read the whole article because it's truly excellent, but I will tell you in advance that none of those three choices is likely to provide a positive outcome. Basically we're screwed no matter what we do.

FULL ARTICLE -- https://archive.ph/tjEwY

There is some good news, however, although it's what you might call a Pyrrhic victory.

The thing is, you and I both badly want to end capitalism. We can see the damage it is doing to us, to our environment, and to our children's future.

But do we have the ability to end capitalism? Is it actually possible at this point to get widespread agreement for taking bold, decisive action? And even if we all banded together, would that be enough? Or is capitalism simply too strong and too powerful to be stopped?

The good news is that there is something that can stop capitalism. The bad news is that we will all pay a very heavy price before that happens.

Capitalism cannot stop climate change, but climate change can stop capitalism — by causing the collapse of civilization.

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tl;dr: We're fucked.


fulanigirl, to BlackMastodon en
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@BlackMastodon I ran across an article a few weeks ago and I knew I wanted to share the information with you. It was behind a NYT paywall but there’s an alternate link to the story. It’s about a part of Brooklyn that several times a year engages in a program of community groups policing the neighborhood. Brownsville In Violence Out was featured. https://www.essence.com/news/community-police-brownsville-brooklyn/ 1/5

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@fulanigirl @LeaBug @BlackMastodon On the one hand, "the mainstream media refuses to carry that story" makes no sense when the NYT breaks the story. That said, OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK, it really doesn't seem to have been picked up. And as a former editor, that strikes me as quite weird, even allowing for smaller papers and exsanguinated news-media staffs.

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