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Wissenschaftler*innen, die mit friedlichem zivilen Ungehorsam sofortige Sicherheitsmaßnahmen gegen die Klimakatastrophe fordern. Lerne uns kennen: jeden zweiten Mittwoch, 19 bis 20 Uhr.

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Scientists who participated in the March to were arrested today while shutting down the Federal Reserve, demanding they stop funding fossil fuel! 120 were arrested in total

Hear from the scientists arrested:
"Police should arrest the leadership of the Federal Reserve: They are the real criminals! By funding the expansion of fossil fuel extraction, the scientific evidence predicts millions will die in catastrophic climate disasters." -Glenn Wilkie, Green Power Systems Engineer

"We are in a climate emergency. And we should act like it. By putting our bodies on the line today, we hope to disrupt business as usual and compel our politicians to stop their greenwashing and start acting with urgency now to save the home we all share." -Ali Hadjarian, PhD


scientistrebellion_GER, to random de
@scientistrebellion_GER@climatejustice.global avatar
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