Put your wicked body and evil soul into it!

Why people play dating sims:

Why people play dating sims: ENG (

"I am the most oppressed demographic" - gamers, gaymers, men, women, rich people, magats, communists etc

Pokemon devs Sweeting

I think that was the a one button click to get a job one I tried

Ill take a look at sims

What do the Pikmin do if there is no player around? Like do they just wander around aimlessly/wait for a player to appear?

There are great yt vids of it too

I only skimmed the article to see if we have Joi from blade runner 2077, so did notice not the weird writing, but feel free to remove this post if he's inappropriate

This is why I enjoy reading rightwing thought sometimes. They are very creative in coming up with new proposals for making the world worse for specific demographics, often the poor. Good material for anime bad guys to say.