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Electrical/Digital Engineer(#fpga, #vhdl)
San Diego 3D Printing Meetup host
Executive Function not-have-er

"Rediscovering things I used to love that got lost in the world of the algorithm"

#AR #VR #FOSS #DIY #Maker #Linux #Gamer #Music

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@gamingonlinux I wish I knew how you were able to play VR under linux. Mine never worked at all until I finally switched to an AMD card, and even then half the time it doesn't recognize my headset unless I turn one monitor off, games are significantly worse quality than under windows, if they work at all, and I constantly experience crashes.
I just tried the portal 2 mod and could barely get into menu before the whole thing froze and had to be killed. It makes VR exhausting.

gamingonlinux, to gamedev en
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@gamingonlinux I said it about fusion360 when they tried to change their free policy, "Believe people(companies) when they tell you who they are."
Even if they roll it back now, you know where they want to go, and it's only a matter of time till they get there. They just change the tactic to the "boil the frog" method of slow change over time.

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Actually had to open the ifixit kit to get a battery out of the Steam Controller 😅

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@gamingonlinux I also use rechargables and I started wrapping tape around them to give them an easy pull tab. One of my steam controllers the battery eject arm was completely broken, but I did it for all of them(I have 4, 3 working) just to prevent further damage and because it was easier.

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This is fucked up. No other words for it. A REINSTALL is charged to game devs.

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@gamingonlinux time for more people to learn Godot and/or unreal.(and/or whatever other engineers are in the up and coming)

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What game has you click play, blink a few times and it’s suddenly 1AM?

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@gamingonlinux HoloCure.
It's your fault. I'd have never heard of it if it weren't for you.

Also Final Fantasy 14

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It's coming! The date for the big release of KDE's new desktop environment has been set.

should land on your computer in February 2024 🤞.



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@kde @kde excited! Always loved KDE, but finally made the switch to an AMD GPU this month and finally Getty my to enjoy kde with Wayland and it so good!(once I disabled freesync on my monitors so my computer would stop crashing)

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What I run on my NAS: VPN, VMs, media, and more projects! :mycomputer:

(video courtesy of @thelinuxEXP Be sure to Like, Comment, & Subscribe to @thelinuxexperiment for more great content!) 💙


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@tilvids @thelinuxEXP @thelinuxexperiment huh, just noticed I had tried to follow the @thelinuxexperiment account from mastodon previously but it had gone "follow requested" cause I guess the account was locked at the time. I had to unfollow and then refollow to actually follow the account. That's an odd mastodon quirk I hadn't seen before.

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HoloCure is just....lmao what, this is FREE


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@gamingonlinux how dare you. This game completely sucked away my entire evening. It is SO much better than vampire survivors to. So many mechanics, and then I beat the first boss AND SPENT THE NEXT HOUR FISHING AND FARMING AND DECORATING MY HOUSE AND FEEDING MY TAMAGOTCHI SO IT'LL POOP MONEY!

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