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Independent journalist, creator of NewsTRACS.com, bylines Daily Beast Guardian Buzzfeed BylineTimes Senate Intel Russia report, tips: wendy@newstracs.com

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Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire

Judge has granted partial summary judgment in civil lawsuit brought by New York’s attorney general - ruling that Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers by massively overvaluing assets and exaggerating his net worth. A non-jury trial is scheduled for Oct 2.


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SEC Charges New York Firm Concord Management and Owner Michael Matlin with Acting as Unregistered Investment Advisers to Billionaire Former Russian Official (Roman Abramovich)

Firm and Owner’s failures to register prevented oversight of more than $7 billion in assets




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An FBI agent released info describing Ukrainian oligarch Pavel Fuks as a Russian Intel asset who once paid Giuliani $300K

New reporting shows Fuks is linked to shell company owners of two units in Trump Tower NYC

My latest:


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Wendy Siegelman @wendysiegelman crushes it again!

"Michael Szafranski, coconspirator in billion-dollar Rothstein Ponzi scheme, now heads Kushner Companies Florida acquisitions"


Best investigative journalism on social media is on Mastodon.

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@mastodonmigration Thank you!🙏😊

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Michael Szafranski, coconspirator in billion-dollar Rothstein Ponzi scheme, now heads Kushner Companies Florida acquisitions and is on Surfside’s planning and zoning board - overseeing controversial plans for UAE's Damac to develop collapsed Surfside site.

Szafranski was a key player in the $1.3-billion fraud - he worked for investors as an “independent verifier” while secretly receiving payments from Rothstein.


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D.C. Attorney General is probing Leonard Leo’s network

The Federalist Society co-chair and ex-Trump judicial adviser has utilized nonprofit groups to collect more than $1 billion for conservative causes.

in March that one of Leo’s nonprofits — registered as a charity — paid his for-profit company tens of millions of dollars in the two years since he joined the company.


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Great to see @emptywheel posting here again and getting lots of engagement. Mastodon is a much better fit for her type of detailed analysis. Hopefully the investigative law and politics jounalistic community, which includes great contributors like @Teri_Kanefield and @wendysiegelman will continue to grow and thrive here.

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Pro-Putin operatives in Germany work to turn Berlin against Ukraine

In Germany some are clamouring for a change in course on Ukraine. Key figures in the campaign have links to the Russian state or far right, a Reuters investigation has found.


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Two Estonian Citizens Arrested in $575 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

Sergei Potapenko and Ivan Turõgin (aka Turygin) allegedly defrauded hundreds of thousands in scheme using crypto mining service HashFlare and virtual currency Polybius Bank




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This week the NYT reported that Saudi Arabian real estate company Dar Al Arkan has done a licensing deal with the Trump Organization for an undisclosed amount on a project valued at $1.6 billion


I have updated my interactive chart on Saudi (PIF, LIV) funding for Trump & Kushner to include this new information:


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